Garment Production Steps

Production Process of Our Leather Garments

Manufacturing The Leather:

Leather is the most critical part in the making process and is the key in any outerwear to look good!
We manufacture or source the leather as per customer need or look which is approved as per approved standards after finalize of proto or approval samples.

Taking care of selection, feel, touch, color, thickness, size, colorfastness and all other forbidden materials what is required by the customer.

Leather Inspection:

On finishing of leather, it is being inspected strictly in view of approved jacket or standard and only approved skins are being sent to garment unit.

Cutting Inspection:

Checking of leather as per garment and approved criteria of color, size, thickness according to the jacket panels in view approved quality standard.

Matching The Skins:

This is the first steps and with all the orientation about skin and garment look, skins are being matched so that garment must look same in all terms. Matching process differ from article to article.

Cutting Panels:

Panels are being cut according to the pattern approved and make sure each panel are cut correct as per panel.

Cutting Panel Inspection:

To make cutter is following all steps and ensure cut panels are correct to control measurement of the finished jacket.


Strengthen or putting a shape to the garment as per need by putting woven or nonwoven interlining as per approved standard.


Garments are being stitched as per approved standards by strictly following measurement and its construction steps. A complete team is monitoring all the steps to ensure stitching quality is met.

In-line Stitching Inspection:

A group of people deputed in the lines who are being monitoring each area of the garment is being stitched as per standard and quality of stitch is correct to meet all the quality standards.

Garment Inspection:

On stitching of the garment, another quality team will inspect the garment with following points:

  1. Approved garment vs stitched garment
  2. Stitching quality
  3. Size measurements approved by customer
  4. Pattern follow-ups
  5. Zippers quality
  6. Buttons quality
  7. Thread strength
  8. Leather strength on strong points
  9. Look of the garment
  10. Fitting on dummy
  11. Cleaning

Final Touch:

Garment will be transferred to the group of people who will inspect the jacket in term above term and also colorfastness, color fixing, color variation and correct feel of the jacket.


In this section will be cleaned and will pass to the final inspection:

Final Inspection:

These are special people who know all the steps of garments like leather, cutting, stitching and cleaning… they inspect garment deeply in view of all the pros and cons and approved standard and reject garment what is not as per standard to review by production.


Documents are made as per requirement and approvals by the customer.