Tannery Steps

Our tannery Follows Following Steps

Rawskins Selection

We source skins from Pakistan, MiddleEast, Africa, Iran, Russia and UK.

Our technical team is fully equipped or trained to handle different origin of skins from the world to maintain the final quality standards of different articles.

This is a continuous process of selection and buying of skins with controlled standards.

Liming and Pickeling

In this process we remove hair with latest technology by using European chemicals to get the finest grain as best as possible. We call this stage as Pickling and Liming or De-Hairing


There are some articles especially for VEGETABLE Leather this is the base leather for ARTICLES.

WetBlue Section

This is the area where all the skins sit in stock in the shape of WETBLUE which is the main area from where skins going to be separated article-wise based on Article-Standard and to create uniformity and uniqueness of the product.

WETBLUE Selection

This is the key area where we have trained staff who select and segregate the skins based on quality set by Article and Customer Requirement. This is purely a man-made process with trained staff with minimum 10 years’ experience and a highly skilled job.

In this stage we make lot in view of origin, size, grain, thickness and skin type in order to select the best skins to use for the ARTICLE to avoid complication at final stage.

This is a base of all Chrome Based leather.

Crust Section

This is the area where all skins which is selected in WETBLUE as per the ARTICLE being process and its FAT Liquoring further cleaning being processed.

Crust both VEGETABLE and Chrome have a same process and uses chemical as per product requirement.

Hanging Area

This is the area where LEATHER needs natural and open air to get dry and it takes 36-48 hours based on whether condition. Our quality team visit after 3-4 hours to check the leather conditions and its dryness as per the article as every skin and every article has a different impact after dryness.

Crust Selection

After drying of the skin with some process skins comes to Selection stage to check again EACH and EVERY skin condition what is selected at WETBLUE stage is OK for the article.

This is again a highly-skilled man-made procedure where all the skins carried out inspection as per the article requirement and whatever is not correct will be out from the lot to process further.

Dyeing Section

After crusting, this is the area where we match the color as per standards by using AZO FREE dyes and all meets ISO and REACH standards. We use all European chemicals to control the quality and testing standards.

Finishing or Plant Area

This is the area where each lot travels after the dyeing and follow the steps as product as each ARTICLE needs individual attention and our technical team handle each lots as per the approved-recipe which is finalized by our R&D team during development.

Final Selection

This is the area where we have skilled-worker who are well trained to judge final product and its after effect. They carry several test in term strength, colorfastness, AZO test and finishing test to ensure lot perform well and as per approved standards.